Why should a professional incorporate their practice-business:  Introduction to factors for consideration.

Article by Christian Höy, business lawyer in Victoria, BC (contact him)

Christian Hoy, BSc LLB, business lawyer, downtown Victoria BC

I am frequently approached by clients who are professionals (Realtors, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, optometrists, etc.) or have a business and are looking to incorporate and need advice.  There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of incorporation that must be considered prior to determining the appropriate business structure with which to move forward.

Some of the factors that should be taken into consideration when determining whether you should incorporate your business are as follows:

1.  If you are a professional, whether your professional association will allow you to incorporate and if so, what restrictions the association may place on the corporation.

2.  Incorporation creates a separate legal entity, which has all the rights and obligations under the law as a natural person.  Among other things it can acquire assets, be the subject of litigation and enter into contracts.  This can be a benefit to you as the corporation can enter into a lease to occupy space, or can borrow money, thus if the agreements are breached, it is the corporation that will be liable for the damages.  However, in actual practice it is not unusual to see a personal guarantee required by an individual on behalf of the corporation.

3.  A corporation allows the shareholders of the corporation to have limited liability.  The shareholder’s liability is typically limited to the amount that they have agreed to pay for their shares. However, again this may offer less protection than anticipated if personal guarantees have been required and provided.

4.  The ownership of the corporation can be altered through the transfer of shares.  This not only allows for the efficient transfer of ownership, but also potentially allows for the corporation to raise capital through the sale of shares.

5.  In my practice, the most common reason for incorporation is the tax benefits that may be achieved through tax deferral, dividends and income splitting.  I recommend that you discuss incorporation with your accountant to determine whether incorporation would provide you with income tax advantages.

There are a number of factors that should be weighed in determining whether incorporation is the ideal business structure, the foregoing is not all inclusive, I strongly recommend that you contact your accountant and lawyer before you decide. If you would like to learn more about incorporation, please feel free to contact Christian Hoy, BSc LLB, business lawyer, downtown Victoria BC Christian Hoy at Sitka Law Corporation - email christian.hoy@sitkalaw.ca
Victoria, BC, Canada

The above article was
Prepared and Presented by:
Christian Höy, B.Sc., LL.B.

He has a general solicitor practice advising individual clients on:
· Incorporation and the operation of small businesses.
· Incorporations of medical doctors and health related professionals e.g. dentists, physiotherapists
· Commercial Leases,
· Wills and estate matters,
· Real estate purchases and sales,

He also advises clients on corporate commercial matters including incorporation, employment dispute, property transactions and other related issues.

Christian also has extensive experience in creditor and debtor remedies including foreclosure.

Christian Höy, Barrister & Solicitor
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Bruce Redekop, JD, experienced business lawyer in Vancouver BC assists medical professionals with incorporation and business planning

Note:  Vancouver Medical Doctors / Medical Service Professionals wishing an experienced lawyer to incorporate their practice in the Metro Vancouver Region go to:  Bruce Redekop, JD with Kerr Redekop Leinburd Boswell law firm, see his web site at VenturesLaw.com

See also B.C. Acts - Legislation:

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